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What is the RedBaron Difference?

Maximize Revenue While Minimizing Expenses
Gain the competitive edge with an IT parter who can help you leverage the latest technology without breaking the bank. You need your computers, devices and other technology running smoothly every day. Whether you're a start-up or a long-standing company, we'll work with you to ensure the highest level of IT security and efficiency optimized for your business and budget.

Secure Your Business

Protect Your Business... and Your Customers
Security threats are more common and sophisticated than ever. Don't leave your business vulnerable to attacks that disrupt your business, increase operational expenses and expose customers and employees to identity theft. We'll help you implement comprehensive and aggressive protections with minimal disruption to your workflow

Comprehensive Networking Solutions

Stable, Secure, Efficient
Every business has different networking needs. RedBaron consultants can create a customized networking solution that actually helps you move your business forward. Since our experts are educated in a variety of disciplines, we can help you achieve your IT vision and provide you with an unprecedented level of support and service to maintain it. 

Superior Technical Support

On-Staff Support at a Fraction of the Price
If system uptime is critical to your business, we offer around-the-clock monitoring and on-site response services to our clients who need a cost effective solution to the mounting costs of maintaining internal staffing.
At RedBaron, we design the systems we support and we support the systems we design, ensuring our clients have the very best support solutions available.

Data Backup and Storage

Planning for Minor Loss and Major Disaster
60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months of the disaster. It's a sobering statistic if you've failed to take adequate measures to protect critical data. If you aren't 100% certain how you would access your data if natural or manmade disaster struck, a RedBaron consultant can help you plan for the unthinkable

Why Outsource Your IT?

Outsourcing your IT is a difficult decision for many companies. It’s often less expensive than hiring a full-time IT staff. Additionally, hiring a company like RedBaron gives you the advantage of having a host of experts in various IT fields at your service. So why the reluctance?

Many companies worry they’ll lose control of their computing environment. That actually couldn’t be further from the truth. When you leverage the world-class capabilities of a company like RedBaron, you maintain complete control over your equipment, resources and IT needs. We act just like another arm of your company. There are actually many benefits to managed IT solutions.

  1. Save money while increasing productivity
  2. Maintain your corporate vision
  3. Free up internal resources for other tasks
  4. Cost-effective for both small and large businesses
  5. Flat annual fee with a performance guarantee

Find out more about each of these benefits below!

Save Money While Increasing Productivity

The benefits to a managed IT solution over in-house or “rent-a-tech” options are numerous. Most important for most businesses is the reduction in operating costs. Outsourced IT typically costs less because your managed IT solution comes with only the support you need – you don’t pay for employee salary, insurance and benefits, you don’t have to worry about someone being on vacation when you need their particular expertise, and you don’t provide office space or resources for them to work.

You’re also less likely to expend large amounts of cash to upgrade multiple systems at once as time goes on. We’re always watching to make sure you’re running the latest technology to meet your goals. As such, you’ll spend smaller amounts as needed to make sure you’re always up-to-date.

While you’re saving this money, you actually get better service, too. Even if it’s in your budget to have several IT professionals on staff, those few individuals have an inherent cap on their cumulative knowledge.

When you outsource your IT with a company like RedBaron, you have access to all of our experts for whatever amount of time you need them. So, rather than hiring a full-time CMS expert who also has to dabble in information security and other IT-related tasks as needed, you’ll pay the same amount or less for a CMS expert, a security expert, and all of our other consultants you require.

Another key advantage to outsourced IT is the ability to quickly implement new technology with little effort. Because our personnel are constantly educating themselves on the newest capabilities, you don’t pay for (or wait for) research to be done. You just tell us what your goal is, and we’ll help you implement it.

Of course, it’s impossible to plan for every contingency. That’s why RedBaron offers two levels of help desk support. Your employees shouldn’t have to wait for an IT professional to complete the task they’re working on to get the help they need to keep working. With RedBaron consulting, they’ll get help when they need it just by picking up the phone.

Maintain Your Corporate Vision

RedBaron consultants aren’t here to tell you how you should run your business. We’re here to help you decide what technology will best meet your needs. After all, technology isn’t the destination, it’s the vehicle to get there! Whether you want to go paperless, allow employees to telecommute or revamp your existing CMS or HIT software, we’ll evaluate your needs based on your corporate vision.

We’ll work side-by-side with your key employees to maximize your potential. We’ll collaborate on corporate security policies, desktop and datacenter hardware and software, and your monitoring and response requirements. Once we’ve outlined a plan, we’ll put in in writing, so you’ll always know exactly what our role will be. Our performance guarantee means you’ll get exactly what you want and exactly what you pay for.

Free Up Internal Resources for Other Tasks

If your employees are researching, installing, troubleshooting and maintaining your computer system, they’re taking valuable time away from the activities they’re experts in. Your marketing, accounting, sales and other personnel have jobs to do that bring money into the company. You need them to keep working on that.

That’s actually why RedBaron has even been hired by companies that already have internal IT departments. Each employee they have on staff keeps working on their daily tasks while we pick up the slack with complex or specialty projects (or even just daily overflow).

Cost Effective for Both Small & Large Businesses

Our typical client isn’t typical at all. They range from small law firms and insurance brokers to giant oil distributors and major medical facilities. Because our pricing is based on your needs, small companies can have the same great technical support as your larger counterparts. Because of our full staff and commitment to efficiency, every company can rest assured we’ve always got our eye on every detail of your technology needs.

Flat Annual Fee – Performance Guarantee

If you’ve been taking the “rent-a-tech” approach, it’s not surprising if you’re unhappy with the results. Renting technical support by the body by the hour prevents a lot of companies from reaching their full potential. Even if the techs they send are knowledgable professionals, it’s impossible to provide the results we do a la carte. There’s simply not a clear objective when no one’s taken the time up front to analyze your needs (and put them in writing). Their techs aren’t aware of what others have done in the past; they’re just there to solve the problem at hand.

By providing the guaranteed performance service at a flat annual rate, we align our interests with yours – we put our money where our mouth is. We’ve already committed to giving you high availability, optimum efficiency and superior design and service quality. We’ve also already committed to the price based on your needs and you won’t pay a dime more no matter what. It’s now in our best interest financially to design and maintain the most efficient system possible. We get it right because it matters just as much to us as it does to you – we guarantee it.

Discover the RedBaron Difference

RedBaron has a unique proactive approach to IT management based on years of experience in a variety of technical disciplines. Our progressive approach starts with hiring only the top experts in a multitude of fields – not just in technology, but in sales, accounting, manufacturing, human resources, and more. Call RedBaron Consulting today at (817) 207-8911 to find out how our managed IT solutions can improve your operation while saving your company money.